Nashville Team Building by Cocos
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Corporate Team Building in the Kitchen:  

Cooking & Giving

An Iron Chef-Style Team Building Competition.



Trade the typical ho-hum team building activity for the heat of the kitchen and try this new recipe for building teamwork and make food for yourselves and a local food bank. Get fired up with your colleagues at this 2 1/2 -hour, fast-paced kitchen competition brimming with culinary adventure and fun. In this Iron Chef-style team building activity, guests are divided into large teams (we can prearrange these) and face off in a timed culinary competition. With our professional chefs as culinary coaches, teams strategize together to create a menu and then a meal consisting of a protein, vegetable, starch, and a dessert!

     This energizing event fosters:

·         Creativity

            ·         Division of Task

                              ·         Effective Communication

                  ·         Time Management

                    ·         Team Synchronicity


-David Conn, Director of Cooking Programs – (615) 891-1476 – – 5105 Alabama Ave, Nashville, TN

The Coco’s restaurants, catering and events have been serving Nashville since 1995 and near Albany, NY since 1964.